GPSENKE 技術トレーニング

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更新時間 : 2022-11-25 14:17:35

GPSENKE technical training

On November 22,GPSENKE all employees attended technical training conference.More than 20 people from the Marketing Department, operation department and after-sales department attended the meeting.

This training meeting was presided over by Liu Wei from the project department,During the meeting Mr. Liu mainly explained the naming rules and connection methods of wireless WiFi, 4G\5G routers, feeders, antennas,etc.Gave detailed guidance to the marketing department and after-sales department, described the specific differences of the feeder ports, took out the actual feeder to show the ports for all employees to demonstrate the different connection methods of different ports.

All employees took this opportunity to have a better understanding of the technic.Meanwhile, they also recognized the lack of their business knowledge and try to develop in future work.

The project department organizes business skills training from time to time, and all employees ‘s business ability has been strengthened.In the future work, all employees will put the knowledge they have learned in the training meeting into practical use, and take this opportunity to work hard, fulfill their duties, make unremitting efforts and contributions to the company.

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