GPSENKEがICP-China International Pipeline Exhibitionに参加

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GPSENKE-Customized automation solution

Exhibition Introduction

     Underground urban pipeline comprehensive corridor, that is to build a tunnel space under the city, integrate various engineering pipelines such as electricity, communication, gas, heating, water supply and drainage, and have special inspection ports, hoisting ports and monitoring systems. Unified planning, unified design, unified construction and management are important infrastructure and "lifelines" to ensure urban operation
     2022 China (Nanjing) International Pipe Network Exhibition, GPSENKE was invited to participate, and the exhibition was held at Nanjing International Expo Center in Nanjing.
 In order to actively cooperate with China to promote urban infrastructure construction and promote the transformation and construction of urban pipeline network, GPSENKE displayed the company's automation products at this exhibition and customized customized solutions for customers.

     GPSENKE comprehensively displayed the company's business through exhibitions and forums, explored a large number of potential customers, and established cooperative relationships with many customers. As a comprehensive technology enterprise integrating technical product development, production, sales and service.GPSENKE has the opportunity to exchange and learn with more outstanding enterprises at the exhibition, which broadens the company's vision and increases the company's cooperation with other industries. possibility. As a necessary route for China's industrial development in the next 10 years, it has brought more intense market competition to a favorable environment for enterprise growth.

Exhibition Scene


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